Upper and Middle Back Pain


The upper and middle back is the section of the back between the base of the neck and the bottom of the ribcage.  

This region of the back, like all the other areas of the back, can suffer from stiffness, weakness, sharp pain, or constant dull pain. 

Upper and middle back pain


Where there is no definite break of the spine or rib cage, the causes of the pain will mainly be due to:

  • Muscles or ligament strain
  • Pinched or trapped nerve

At the Hannon Clinic, we look to find why the muscles have become strained, or the nerve is pinched.  We consider: 

  • Any accidents or falls that may have overstretched the muscle, which can either harden over time or become weaker if not addressed.
  • Posture – often while working at a desk, or watching TV are backs are curved, thus putting pressure on the muscles.
  • Hydration – when we are dehydrated our muscles become tight
  • Stress levels – stress floods the body with hormones designed to get us ready to fight or flight, but with sustained stress, these hormones can cause inflammation in the muscles and the tension can tighten the muscles, both causing pain.

For advice on prevention and treatment see back pain section