In today’s fast-paced world stress and illness related to stress is common and is on the increase. We all have stress at sometimes in our lives, and indeed there are times when stress is necessary to help us move on from negative situations.  But the demands on us today are increasing and so are our stress levels. Many of us do not recognise that we are stressed as it has become so normal, unless we face a very stressful event then we see it.

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are often seen as being intertwined, like the two sides of a coin. Stress is caused by excessive demands on the mind or body, for example by an event that induces worry or nervousness.  Anxiety is that same worry and fear and is a reaction to the stress.

It is worth noting that not all anxiety or stress is bad, we need a certain amount in our lives to help motivate us to move on to better circumstances or situations.