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We believe all pain is fixable.  Our philosophy is to look at the whole person not just the problem to determine the cause of the pain as well as the cure.  We work with you to help you move forward to enjoy life again, completely pain-free.

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The Hannon Clinic

Our gentle, yet highly effective techniques have helped over twelve hundred people to date. You do not have to suffer pain, it can be fixed and we can help you do that.

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Core Services

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Physical Pain

Our focus is not only on your immediate treatment but also on your successful recovery from chronic pain. We look at the body as whole when ascertaining the cause and nature of the pain, and therefore can devise a more thorough treatment plan.

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Mental & Emotional Pain

The everyday stresses of life can pull us out of balance. This can manifest in many forms from anxiety, depression and low self-worth to physical pain such as back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and fatigue. Therefore it is as important to look after our mental and emotional wellbeing as our physical health.

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Working from home can be a right pain – but is all your pain due to physical problems.

Working from home can be a right pain – but is all your pain due to physical problems.

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Anxiety: ‘What-if’ thoughts and how to stop them in 3 easy steps

What-if thoughts do serve a vital purpose.  At times we need to ascertain information, or work through potential scenarios in order to help us make decisions in life. However, these what-if...

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Are you around anxious people?  5 Tips to keep you balanced.

Are you around anxious people? 5 Tips to keep you balanced. It is hard enough at times to keep ourselves lifted and happy, but how do we do this when others around us are anxious or stressed?...

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I was waiting on test result for suspected multiple sclerosis as I have become partly crippled and had great difficulty walking. I attended the clinic initially for back pain but when they saw e they worked with me to get off all sugars, to drink water, eat more and to walk.  This all coupled with the treatments they did I am walking straighter, have much more energy and have very little pain.  I can't thank Dympna enough for all she has done for me.

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George Scott