About The Hannon Clinic

We understand that all pain is personal which is why we can help you move beyond pain and into a full and balanced life

Based in Belfast, we work with people experiencing a range of pain and pain-related problems.
If physical or emotional pain is affecting your lifestyle, we are here to help! With over 45 years of experience, and using both traditional and alternative therapies, we are able to offer treatment plans to deal with all physical, emotional and mental pain. 
We can also educate you on how to maintain a pain-free existence and get the most out of life while providing full support until you reach your full potential.


Our treatment for physical pain begins with balancing the body through re-alignment of the structure. This is a very gentle and relaxing technique that does not require any forcing or cracking of the bones. Once the body is realigned we can then deal with what is left, often this is muscular pain. 

Each treatment plan is bespoke to the individual. We focus on the specific needs of our clients and include an analysis of your lifestyle so as to get a full understanding of the reasons for the pain, as diet, lifestyle, stress, anxiety or depression can also be contributory factors to physical pain.  

Just as physical pain can wear us down, mental and emotional conditions can manifest in the body in physical forms, such as back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, cystitis, headaches, heart attacks and fatigue, thus creating a vicious circle. 

At The Hannon Clinic, we take all of these factors into consideration.  When working on issues such as anxiety, stress or depression we work with increasing vitality and removing any physical pain that may have developed.