Lower Back Pain from Gluteal Sag


Your gluteal muscles (or buttock muscles) are made up of the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus and are the strongest and heaviest muscles in the body.  Their primary function is to move the hip and leg. 

When these muscles are not maintained through correct exercise, they can lose their tone and become soft and sag.  This sagging has a pulling or dragging effect on the lower back and can cause pain.

Similarly, where there is excess weight added to the muscles, the muscles may also be forced to sag.

Gluteal Sag


Lower back pain usually left as a dull ache or weakness.


  • Loss of muscle tone due to lack of exercise
  • Inactivity for prolonged periods (eg a broken leg may result in lack of walking)
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Being overweight


At The Hannon Clinic, we have worked with a number of clients that have had lower back pain due to gluteal sag. The treatment plan is focused on bringing the glutes back to optimum strength, tone and size.

In the interim, pain can be reduced by temporarily lifting the buttocks with physio tape or underwear to relieve the pain to allow exercise to be most effective.