The Effects of Chronic Stress

Our nervous systems cannot distinguish between an emotional and a physical threat.  So if we are reliving a stressful time in our minds, or are worried about an upcoming event, the body will activate the same physiological response in producing the stressor hormones.  Likewise, our subconscious minds cannot determine what is real from what we are creating as a visualisation in our minds, and the result is the release of stressor hormones.

In today’s ever-increasing demanding world, we tend to get stressed out more frequently and can often live in a state of permanent stress as we become used to worrying about bills, our health, the environment, our work etc.  This level of background stress becomes so normal for us we do not perceive it as stress. 

This chronic stress manifests in us both physically and mentally.  Stress Illness Syndrome is another name for Neurophysiological Disorders.  This is a list of thirty-three disorders caused directly from stress which are now recognised by the medical world.