Back & Limb Pain

The spine is central to all movement as it connects our joints, nerves, muscles and discs. So any injury to, or misalignment of the spine can cause pain in the back, legs, arms, neck and even headaches.

This pain can be experienced as a dull, sharp or burning pain to one or more areas or as shooting pain from the spine down your arms or legs.

Back & Limb Pain

Often the pain is due to muscular strain, which can be the result of the injury or misalignment of the spine. 

At The Hannon Clinic, we gently realign the skeletal structure and then work the muscles to relieve and clear all strain and pain, including tightness of the muscles which may be the cause of nerve pain. 

Clients often experience the pain moving and thus it is imperative that we pinpoint the exact centre of the problem to be able to fully alleviate the symptoms.  

We treat: