Stephen McAdam Testimonial

Stephen is an ex-rugby player that came to the clinic with lower back pain and ankle pain. Stephen has had surgery on the ankle. The treatment involved a combination of:

Working the lower back to relieve tightness. The tightness was causing the strain in the back and it was also causing the leg to shorten, which in turn was affecting his walking, adding to the strain in the back.

Reducing the fluid in the sore ankle as this was swollen and prone to increased swelling when Stephen walked on it. The reduction of fluid was done through lymphatic drainage massage.

Review of Stephen's diet to get him to lose some weight as the excess weight in the belly area was causing a pull on the lower back and exacerbating the problem.

Review of how Stephen walked.  Due to the ankle injury, Stephen walked on the ball of his foot which then put a strain on the shin bone which then affected the knee and lower back.  

When we work with a client we look at the causes of the pain and clear those too.

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